Quality Northwest Coast Indian Art

Dogfish Transformation Mask

Kwakiutl - 12 1/2" high

Yellow Cedar

Designer: Tommy Bruce

Carver: David Hennigar

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where I was born and raised. For over thirty years I have been both a student and dealer of Northwest Coast Indian Art, being introduced to this business by my former business partner, Theresa Neel, daughter of well-known Kwakiutl carver Ellen Neel, and aunt of carver David Neel. During these years I have become acquainted with many of the leading Northwest Coast Indian artists and their agents, as well as most of the leading dealers of quality Northwest Coast Indian Art.

My service to you is simply one of introduction to the Northwest Coast Indian Art community here where the artists live and work. You will not be asked for any fees, as my arrangements are with the artist and their agents. All enquiries, whether for an inexpensive first piece for your collection, or for museum quality pieces for public or private collections, will be answered immediately.

As I become more proficient at constructing this website, I will post photos of pieces for sale as well as photos of masks that I feel should be available for viewing by Northwest Coast Indian Art devotees.

I can be reached at the e-mail address given below.


Warrior Portrait Mask

Kwakiutl - 11" high

Carver: Jerry Smith

This mask was part of a small but eclectic collection which is being reduced in size. Jerry Smith, the carver, is a hereditary Kwakiutl chief originally from Fort Rupert, B.C. who now resides in North Vancouver, B.C.

It was carved approximately fifteen years ago. I have been familiar with this mask for a number of years as it previously belonged to an old friend of mine, and I was always struck by the intensity of its features.

I intend to speak to Mr. Smith about this mask and when I receive more information on this interesting piece I will post it.

For other photos of this mask and other masks carved by Jerry Smith click here.

Sorry! SOLD

Handmade Carrier beaded moosehide mocassins trimmed with badger fur

Hudson's Bay Trade Items

I have a client who is interested in acquiring Hudson's Bay trade items, particularly fort flags, flintlocks, percussion rifles, pots, kettles, glass ware, stone jugs, tokens, powder kegs, barrels, and the like. If you have any such items you wish to sell, please contact me and I will put you in contact directly with the buyer.